For Families with Children

For Families with Children

Corinth Water Fun Park is about an hours’ drive from the villa. The park has a baby pool / water slide, a pool for children up to 7, a lazy river, a regular pool and 6 other water slides suitable for those aged 8 and older. The slides are so much fun, and each one is slightly different. There is also a cafeteria selling drinks and basic snacks such as salads, chips and souvlaki.

An indoor soft play centre suitable for children up to the age of about 12 can be found on the road approaching Nafplio.

The Ranch in Sofikos, Corinthia is about 50km from the villa. It is inspired by the Wild West and stretches over a green area of 40,000m2. There are 3 swimming pools, stables with various animals, football stadiums, basketball courts and an open-air theater. Various sports and leisure activities are organized, such as horseback riding, trekking, fencing, archery and art workshops. The on-site restaurant also offers Mediterranean dishes for lunch or dinner, enriched with fresh local flavors. At the bar you can enjoy juices, soft drinks, ice creams and snacks.

Papakia Family Farm, Krytaina.

Two hours from the villa, in the county of Arcadia, there is a picturesque family farm which has become the jewel of Karytaina! This wonderful multipurpose area has an adventure park for children young and old, parkland, ponds, rivers and forest paths where both wild and tame animals roam freely. See the wild boar, deer and ducklings and enjoy horseback riding. In the wooden chalet enjoy a meal of wild boar from the farm, washed down with a local wine, excellent aromatic coffees and a cognac for winter nights.

Water sports are available throughout the region, including water skiing, the banana and scuba diving. There is a kite surfing school in nearby Nea Kios, about half an hour from the villa. Here you can rent equipment and take lessons, learning to kite surf in just 2 days!

In Nafplio there is a small tourist train which is not only ideal for a guided tour of the city but also a pleasant way of entertainment for all ages. The train, which starts from the harbor, passes through many beautiful streets and the main attractions of the city. It is especially popular with children, but adults also enjoy it as a relaxing way to see the town.

Hiking in the mountains surrounding the villa can be an enjoyable activity for all ages.

Rock climbing lessons can also be arranged as well as walks & cycling tours.

Relax on the beach with a personal yoga session to clean your mind and body.

Local Festivals

Every year in May the “festival of the artichoke” is organized in the village of Iria, as the artichoke is the main local product. Entertainment includes various events of folklore music and dancing, as well as drinking and eating where, of course, artichoke is the main ingredient of the food offered. Visitors have the opportunity to taste the artichokes cooked by locals with a variety of recipes. The festival usually takes place in the large square in the centre of the village and the smells emanating from the cooked artichokes spread throughout the village.

The Festival of the Fisherman held in Tolo at the end of September marks the beginning of the whitebait fishing season. Local fishermen offer whitebait & wine and the Traditional Dance Company of Tolo display their talents for all to enjoy.